Saturday, May 29, 2010

Rebecca's Preschool Graduation

Last night Rebecca graduated from preschool. I remember two years ago taking her to preschool for the first time. I can't believe she will start kindergarten in a few months. Rebecca had a wonderful teacher (Ms Teressa) and I hope she will continue teaching so Benjamin can also go to her preschool. Rebecca worked hard memorizing her part and had a fun time with her friends.

Rebecca getting ready for the Smart Cookie Preschool Presentation
A little nervous
Benjamin came to support his sister
Daddy arrived just in time
We've learned so much, and had such fun
Showing what we know.
Now it's time to say goodbye
We hope you've liked out show

Rebecca saying her part.
Rebecca graduation walk.
Receiving her diploma Rebecca the graduate!!! take one take two Rebecca and her friend Jess. Grandma Dansie, Rebecca, Daddy and Benjamin Rebecca and Ms Teressa
Rebecca has learned so much during her two years in preschool and I know her teacher has worked very hard with her. It will be sad not seeing Ms Teresa twice a week for preschool but we are happy that we get to see her at church on Sunday.


Corinne said...

SO super fun! Congrats Rebecca!